Muslim Marriage, vitiligo not informed before marriage

I am muslim and I got recently married 4 weeks back. I work out of India. I came to India for this arranged marriage had couple of meetings with girl and her family and had marriage. The girl nor her family disclosed that she has vitiligo though there was so much time and meetings. They intentionally hide this from us. Post marriage when I asked in the white spots she said it's due to vitamin deficiency and will go away. I did not believe it on further digging I got to know it's vitiligo and she is taking treatment from 3 years and she now says it's controlled or stable. Vitiligo as we know has no permanent cure and can reoccur anytime in future and even be passed to next generation. I was cheated in this matter and hence need divorce. I stayed with her for hardly 3 days and travelled back to work outside India. She is staying with her family since then. 1. Can I get divorce on the basis of this cheating while i stay out of India and can't come on hearings. 2. Should I initiate the divorce proceedings or wait for her to start something. We have clearly told we are not ok with this cheating and want separation but the girl is not willing to leave inspite of agreeing on not disclosing. 3. How much time will this process take since it's recent marriage. 4. Will I have to pay for maintenance if I initiate the proceeding of divorce, it's just 3 days we have been together.