Before 1 week relieving from the company Laptop not working. But company have 3 years ADP warranty

From my company they deducted entire salary of 30,000 and they charged me extra 20,000 to pay for Laptop damaged. However the company provided me an brand new laptop with (ADP) Accidental damage protection and warranty for 3 years. Laptop stopped working before 2 week of my relieving date. After summiting the laptop after 1 week from IT team they showed that because of water split entire laptop got damaged and need to replace entire parts. Even though in ADP (Accidental damage protection) Water split damaged is covered and I contacted Customer care with the serial number they too mentioned the same. I never agreed to pay, I didn't produce any writer letter, From IT team they didn't send me an email regarding the problem even HR didn't inform. Its quite evident that company doesn't pay are don't need to pay a single rupee for replacement. Shall i ask for GST INVOICE bill to the company? When i relieving company didn't provide me of any clearance. However from HR they send an formal Relieving acceptance letter. Its an intentional deliberate action against me. What should I do? Please give me an Ideas or solutions.