Will deed witness issue

I am long relative of two brothers A and B , 1 year after the death of A and B father , B came to me , he said to me that he is writing will deed for his children ask me to sign on will deed document at my home , I signed , at that time no testator sign on right side, so I thought he will sign after that Later I came to know that B created false unregistered will deed to claim A property. I was shocked I was one of witness in will deed unknowingly and 2nd witness is B's cousin father in law. B sold property to B'cousin. A and B fighting in court for past 7 years ( cross examination stage ) , I am willing to help A to cancel fake will deed , lawyer is saying court will take my statement at last and so wait , My health is not good , I don't know what happens to me in future ,so I want to help A before anything bad happens . 1. Is there any way to help them fastly. 2. Me helping A, 2nd witness B cousin father in law helps B. 3. Fake will deed document stamp vendor selling details is not available in district registar. 4 . Is will valid or not when he falsely take my signature ???