My wife abuses me starting right after the marriage.

I got married under Hindu marriage law and have registered the same. Me and my wife moved to Bangalore on 21st May. She has misbehaved with me ever since, almost everyday. Misbehaviour including but not limited to 1. threatening suicide if I don’t fulfil her wishes. 2. starting arguments for small reasons (including shouting violently and threatening me in multiple ways) at middle of the night (at around 2 or 3 at night) which is affecting my mental and physical health and it is affecting my career badly. 3. She has also thrown glasses and mobile at me. 4. She has kicked me and beaten me multiple times. 5. She has also threatened to divorce and file DV case on me and has also mentioned that she will claim mine and my parental property. 6. She has attempted to jump from the balcony many times in front of me (which i stoped her from doing) and has also walked away (returned afterwards) from home twice for the same mentioned reason. I am suffering from severe anxiety and depression. My mental health is at a toss. I don’t know what to do. She hasn’t shown any form of remorse or sympathy towards me for her actions. And for all her actions she justifies it by saying that she was just missing her home and that made her upset. I don’t have any form of recording or evidence to prove that.