Common area issue not addressed by RWA

Dear Sir, We are staying in a flat in Bangalore and when ever it rains , rain falls in front of the flat thus do not allow the inmates any movement. As the floor is slippery (vitrified tiles) infront of the flat, we keep falling and we had medical emergencies too because of this. While the Resident welfare association (RWA) had provided some sheets over the open area thus preventing rainfall for the rest of the flats, we are not fully covered. We have approached the RWA multiple times over the 9 years to look into workarounds if the solution of providing sheets is not happening. None of the requests or discussion are fruitful and last year one of our family member was on bed for one month, to recover from spinal problem and this had resulted as part of falling down in flooded water in front of flat. When we suggested that we get some minor work which will not hamper any other flat , for that also they are not allowing. They do not respond to mails and when we get workers they do not allow work and they are not doing any thing. How long we have to suffer? We already spent so much for medical expenses on this account and if head gets injured, what is the stance? What should we do sir