Adultery by husband

I'm a 39yr old Muslim woman,I used to work previously in place of my husband in a cargo company as he had underwent gall bladder surgery but after 2021 he resumed his post and I'm back to home making.I have 2 kids.I have faced huge financial problems althrough my marriage years.My hubby sold off my jewellery within 1yr of my marriage to start new business but incurred losses and never bought a tola of gold to me till date.I had to undergo abortion after my after second child was 4yrs as he wanted to contest in local elections.I was mentally harassed for doing it.Till I worked for him from home he never thanked me nor cared for my devotion.He got involved in all kinds of malpractices like betting, adultery and I was busy working in his place to carryon our livelihood.Now he has secretly been having and affair with an 50yr old divorced woman which was happily kept secret from past 6yrs.Wat should I do now.I have no financial independence,No job,No gold.I feel being cheated to the core.plzz advice to for my next step