How do we get our shares without long court case?

Dear Sir, My father passed away 17 years ago. My mother, youngest sister, and brother are denying us 4 married sisters a share in our father's property. Earlier, some of us including my mother made a joint venture agreement with a builder. Some of us including my mother and brother backed out of the deal, and the builder put a case on us. When my youngest sister cut us out, we joined the builder to continue with the project on our share of the land. At present, my youngest sister is running a wedding hall business on the property and the income goes to my mother, brother, and her. She says they are following Muslim Hanafi Law, and we have no right to it as our father had given us small properties as gifts in his lifetime. Two sisters never got those properties due to greedy in-laws and a legal issue. For the other two, property was sold and spent partially on wedding expenses, and one has managed to save it. The shares were not equal to the present property. We do not want to obstruct their income. We proposed a joint venture with a builder so everyone would get income from rent on a regular basis, but they do not want to give any part of the land to an outsider. Please advise.