Student Loan

I am writing to seek legal assistance regarding the trouble I have been facing with SBI. The constant and unnecessary contact and demands from the bank have caused significant emotional harassment for me. In January 2020, I availed a student loan of 20 lakh rupees for my studies in Canada, originally scheduled to start in May 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the program was postponed to May 2021. Before leaving for Canada in 2021, I visited the branch and requested my loan handler to restructure my loan to accommodate the new schedule. The handler assured me that I should simply write an email when I receive payment notices, and they would make the necessary adjustments. Unfortunately, I never received any notice via email. Instead, I received a few SMS messages to my Indian number, and subsequently, notices were sent to my house, causing immense trouble and stress for my parents, who were unaware of the situation. During my visit to India, I provided a letter explaining the situation, but the bank lost it and resumed sending notices. I had to go through the trouble of drafting all the details again and mailing them, clearly stating my expected program completion date as December 2022, followed by a one-year moratorium period. However, despite this communication, they have once again started sending notices to my parents and even deducted 30,000 rupees from my dad's account without any prior notice, despite our accounts not being joint. I fail to comprehend how they could do this, especially since I provided a house as collateral with no mention of my dad's account whatsoever. I am seeking your advice on whether I can take legal action against SBI. The emotional stress I am experiencing is unbearable, and I am considering pressing harassment charges, especially as several bank officers have even visited my house. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I eagerly await your guidance and assistance.