Can Society stop the service lift for carrying materials for renovation of Flat at 10th Floor

Sir, We have 2 blocks of residential flats and each block is 11 storied. Every block has two lifts of which one is a service lift. My flat is on 10th floor and the Society is not allowing me to carry the building and other materials required for the renovation of my flat through lift. I am paying regularly the Society Maintenance fees of almost 3000/- pm. All precautions is taken by us to see that the lift is not damaged like covering the Sand Bags etc with polythene, not carrying more than specified weight, maintaining the area dimension of the lift space and cleaning of the lift. Still the management committee is not agreeing for the same and have instructed us to take all the materials to 10th floor through staircase. Can the Society legally bind us for obeying the diktat and is it not inhuman to ask the workers to carry the materials to 10th Floor physically through staircase. This problem is there with all high rise buildings. Your advice will help many a sufferers from this situation