How to avoid divorce?

My husband left me at my parents house since 5 months. After he left i got a report from my gynecologist that I was expecting. I informed him about the same. He and his brother were forcing me to get the child aborted but I refused. He was not sure he would continue this marriage or not. I was under stress which lead to miscarriage. After this within 1 month he asked me for mutual divorce as he wanted to go abroad on work visa. Before marriage I gave him Rs 10 lacs by taking a loan on LIC policy to go abroad for work. But he didn't go. Then got married but he was not doing any job as he wanted to do business. As I decided to support him to do business I requested my dad to help him . My dad supported us in every manner. He beared all our expenses from house rent to all our household expenses for 3 years. But still he used to mentally harass me saying - " why don't you have any property in your name?" How much your dad earns? How much cash savings your dad is having? Why your dad didn't buy a house for us? His Mom would torture by saying you are not beautiful my son deserves better than you. Now he is doing a job since 10 months in IT industry. He got the job by fake experience of 3 years. And as he got confident about his job or to work abroad, now he wants to get married lady with whom he has an affair. What should I do? I want to save my marriage. ?