What to when Court passed a decree on mutual .now ex hus is not accepting it .

Our mutual consent divorce decree was passed by the court and the ex husband is now claiming that he was forced to sign and his consent was taken forcefully so he don't consider court decree . Now that perso has made my life miserable by harrasment,mental torture also "he stating that I will destro her " so I have gone to file a complaint against him but he is convincing everyone that she forcefully took mutual consent divorce and she is wrong and she is involved with someone that's why she took mutual consent divorce .I have a call recording of him when he was agreed for mutual consent divorce .mutual consent divorce was my opinion bsce i did not want to involve him in any charge as he was beating me ,asking for dowry and other sexual harrasment and marrital rape which I was suffering from last 4 year as my previous marriage was love marriage so I just wanted to seperate from him without creating any issues neither in his life nor in my life so we both proceed further for mutual consent divorce ...now he is doing nuisance ,make mental torture , defamation about me as he told that he will destroy me .please help me out what to do now .i live in pg outside home and I m studying law and managing my study by doing small jobs .my parents is not coming forward to help me and save me as they fear from police and courts and after my marriage parents did not look for me he is very weak financially , they don't have any resource neither i don't have enough money to save my self i just so do small job from which I have to manage my pg rent and food and small expense... That person has a power ,money and resources and on that basis he doing so ..please tell me is there anything legal way so that I can save my self , I cannot file a FIR against him for that they are asking for 2 witness somehow I managed the 2 witness but question is arring whether should I do this or not bsce i don't have enough money to proceed for courts and advocate fees and expenses I have no other way to save my self anytime i can suicide ..please help me ?????