I would like to know the exact safe procedure of talaq in india by following muslim law

I would like to know the exact safe procedure of talaq in India by following Muslim law, so as not to have any further issues from legal methods, in the matter I got married on 18 April 2022 by that day we lived happily but due to some family issues my wife left my house many times at the evil suggestion of her mother actually her mother got divorced from 3 men's and she is in 4th marriage now I thought my wife is innocent and she is following her mother guidelines to spoil her own life in many times I got her caught on doing haram things likely black magic extra with proof and every time she wrote letter declaration cum statement that she is guilty and by stating that she would not do it again but it is happening again and again so I was tired of bearing all this nonsense and decided to go on separation we both discussed politely and made self-declaration cum statement that we do not have good company and we felt it is safe to separate from the marriage with peacefully nature and signed and same has been recorded in video format at the same time and papers got notarized for safety purpose, now recently my wife left my home by 2nd April 2022 and she is living with her mother I have issued a legal notice on 12 the May 2022 by stating the matter I was offered her/my wife to come and take mutual consent divorce at qazi as per discussion made between us and offered her to communicate with qazi or my self for divorce procedure this is for information purpose but I got no reply from her and again I met with my wife personally and convinced her to come back and leave her mother to live happy life but her mother again made her mind spoil finally I met with her family and relatives on [deleted] for discussion to take her back with out any further relations from her parental side my mother in law spoiled the situation in front of all and my wife left confused she is not agree to come back and I got married in maszid with very simple shariyath manner I got paid her meher at the time of marriage it self now you are pleased to guide me what to do next for safe talaq process because my wife and her mother both are advocates my wife just completed her llb please do need full in my above matter