Section 490

Wanted to know details about section 490.I live in Australia .My brother who lives in Bangalore got married last year and has been going through some problems in his marriage.His wife has left the house 5 months ago and is ready to come back only if my brother breaks all his ties with my parents and my family for at least 3 years.We have tried mediation 3 months ago and did not work out.My parents live in Hyderabad.My brother has his own business and he is always travelling between Hyderabad,Bangaloreglore and Chennai.She has also put a condition that my brother cannot move back to Hyderabad as originally we are from Hyd. Today she has called my brother and said if she is not picked up in the next 5 days from her parents place she is planning to proceed legally under section 490. I am coming to India next week and my sister-in-law is very well aware of the fact that I am coming over and she wants to file the case against me and my parents.I am an Australian citizen travelling on Australian passports.Will I have any problems because of this. Please get back to me with some answers