Legal Notice to Wife for Restitution of Conjugal Rights

HI, I got married on March 9th 2023, for 3 Days I stayed at my wife home from 9th to 12th march. After that I returned home she not came with me. She came on 14th march for some rituals in my home and we both went to her parents home to perform some rituals on 15th march. Then again she shown some reasons and not came with me to my home. I went to bring her home on 18th and brought her on 19th. She stayed on 19th and again 20th she left showing some reasons to her sisters home and stayed upto Telugu New Year on 22th March. Again I went to her sister home on 22nd march and brought her home on 22nd march. Again she left on 23th to her sisters home. She again came on 25th to attend temple with her sisters family. Went to temple on 25/26th and fro their they both put some qurels with me and left me. From the she not came back and all my trials to bring her back went failure. No her family are interested in send her back and using parliamentary language. When we went to her village and asked surroundings found that the family did like this twice to others persons also and demanded money from them, but no proper evidence for it. When we when to her village to bring her back, whole family and some others of her try to attack me and my family. We went to police station but they are saying that the case we cannot file against wife. If they logde a complain then we have to come to solve. Till then we have to wait. In this situation how should I proceed, that we cannot be one more victim of their family on demanding amount to get divorced. Can I send Legal Notice to Wife for Restitution of Conjugal Rights? Please suggest Thanks