My Sister living illegally in USA wants to bring her daughters to India

Hello Sir, I am writing this from Mumbai on behalf of my sister who is in the US. She & her daughters entered the US in Jan 2016 on a dependent visa. Their visas expired in the month of April 2016. The same is the case with her husband's visa. One of the daughter is an US Citizen & one is an Indian Citizen. Due to limited financial options, risk of deportation (although no notice till now) & her unwillingness to continue anymore longer in illegal status, my sister wants to leave the US & reach India. However, her husband is unwilling to move & despite her repeated pleas ignored her. She is about to obtain emergency travel documents by next week. She is afraid that her husband and his brother (green card holder) with whom their family is staying right now will stop her from taking the daughters from USA to India. How can I get her & her daughters get on a flight to India without any trouble. My contact number is +[deleted]. If you can call me or send me Whatsapp message, I will surely get in touch with you.