Query on submitting documentary evidences

Dear Sir, my wife has filed divorce case on cruelty on me and her evidences are over and now my evidence has to be started.I went to court to submit my sworn affidavit alongwith evidences like whats app and facebook messages printout, family function photographs and some other documents but judge refused to accept it and said that for whats app and fb messages, you have to call service provider and for photographs you have to submit original storing device like memory card on which it was stored. I have below queries from your respected panel : 1) If I submit section 65-b affidavit mentioning that messsages were sent from my mobile and they are also stored in my mobile, will court accept or do i need to call service provider and what is the procedure of calling him as i do not know the address of fb and whats app in india. 2) The family function I am talking about was of my cousin so maximum I can get from my cousin is the whole album in CD and also video recording of that function, will that be acceptable. 3) My wife has accepted whats app messages, one important email & attending the said function of my cousin in her cross examination so can I simply write on whats app printouts and photographs "exhibit,accepted by her in cross examination" or I have to write "mark" only because I have heard that courts do not consider mark documents. 4) Judge is saying to submit all documents like RTI copy, insurance documents, etc in original and photocopies will not be accepted then how can I keep the record with myself if I require the same for any future use. 5) Sir, if out of fear of loosing the case as she has not been able to provide any evidence in her cross examination, if she withdraws her divorce case, can she file the same after some time. Will court allow her to withdraw the case at my evidence stage and can I protest. I will be very grateful to you if you could provide clarification on my above queries. Thanks