Need to get divorced n separated

My brother got married 13 month back But he never had any relationship with her neither emotionally or physically coz she asked for time to adjust ! then she left country after 2 months n came back after 6 month !! Again she asked for time for adjustment regarding career or study for nxt 2 months in which most of time she was living with her family for different reasons Between which marriage got registered । 4 months back my bro confronts her that whats on her mind why she is neglecting their marriage and she is not involved in marriage or his family! Coz they still never had any relation after 9 months but she avoided questioning n blamed him of being awkward After that she started accusing him of having affair with his friends , who is already married n living in Ireland n made many excuses , now she is openly accusing him of having affair for no reason infront of her family, After my brother confronted her many times she suggested many times of getting divorce coz she thinks they have different nature but she always spoke privately with him, Now she accepted infront of her own family that she had doubts about my brother's character from 1st day marriage, but had no reason for that at same time n that's y she never allowed him to get near by or physical, We were shocked to kno her thinking n we asked her why she got married when she had that much issue to believe, So after 13 months my bro lived with her for only 3 months n now brother can't believe her intentions in future coz she chg her words again n again while accusing him of lying n being loose character for just having friend circle of office Her parents are not agreeing for divorce while knowing her real thoughts from start n they also kno that they never had any relation neither physical nor emotional Plz suggest what should we do, We are simple middle class family