What should i do now?

Our wedding is a arranged marriage. Im married since Nov 13 2014. By the 4th day of my wedding i came to know the my husbands sperm counts where less. I dont know what for he took semen analysis at that stage. He knows he is having some problem 3days before the wedding everyone in his family knows that too. My husband is working in U.S. within 15 days we left to U.S. He wont talk with me, he wont spend time with me. I feel that there is no love between us. We came to India this august. my husband and my mother-in-law family are mentally harassing me alot. My mother-in-law in not allowing me to spend time my husband. one day i asked why are you behaving like this. She scolded me and my family in a filthy manner, even my father-in-law spoke the same way. if i say this my husband is not believing. HE is trusting his mother every much. After this incident without informing me my mother-in-law asked my husband to leave to U.S. noone in their family are attending the phone calls including my husband its one month since i came to mothers house. Im sending text messages and video messages but then also he is not responding. what should i do now?