Trouble getting RTO papers from the agent

I had bought the bike from the local shop here Pune,Maharastra ( I am from Gujarat ), I am living in PG, the company provides me with the PG document, but it is not renter's agreement, I did not know this when I bought the bike, so I gave my PG document to agent, and a month later he called me and told me that the PG document is not valid, and he needs the real rent agreement, which I did not have, so few months go by, and after 6 months, I am moving out of Pune and want to sell my bike, I am trying to contact the shopkeeper but he is saying that he can not buy bike which is under the process of RTO, RTO is not processing because I don't have renter's agreement, what should I do in this case? I can take my bike with me back to Gujarat, but how should I proceed with it, can I give document of my home back in Gujarat? What process can I follow. I do not have any contact with original owner of the bike, and shopkeeper is also not providing any solutions, how can I either get rid of this bike, or take it with me to Gujarat?