Divorce in Jaipur

My wife is from Delhi and I am from Jaipur. We got married in 2019 and supposedly it was a love marriage but there was nothing good about it. Our value systems never matched, we had constant fights and she would also fight with my parents. We stay together and apart for some months in different cities due to our job in the last 4 years. I told her things are not working out, we should take a divorce and she says that give me divorce and I will leave the house. At the same time, she wants to stay, use all the money and pull me in different directions, including fighting with me when i want to meet my parents. She is financially independent but i take care of all household expenses, every single penny, she does not contribute, and I am fine with it till we get a divorce, but I want it out since my career has suffered, my health has suffered. She is also physically abusive and tries to hit me/hurt me while i have never done that but its too much. I am on anti-depressants as my mental health is also suffering which she is well aware of but continues to fight and shout. She has recently purchased a flat with JDA for which i have not contributed nor I have seen the property. While i am happy she is trying to secure her future, I am wondering if it will have any impact on me financially when I file for divorce. I do not want to pay a single penny to her since we do not have a kid, she has a job, comes from a well settled family, does not pay single rupee right now towards anything related to house expenses or rental and i have taken good care of her financially from the time we have been together including giving her supplementary credit cards to spend with.