Father filing wrong case on my mom

Sir/mam My mom is a housewife..my father is a cable worker.. My father is an womanizer.. even before from marriage.. it's been nearly like 22 years now .. and my father is 47yrs old.. when I was small .. like 13 years ago he used to have illegal affaire with one women .. after some years of being together .. we have not known about this when they were together... my mother was so innocent... she didn't thought that my father was a womenizer... my father's frd one day came and said to my mother about her... and he also confirmed that they are not together anymore now... so my mother kept quite.... after some years like in 2017 I found about one more illegal affair with one women name Arundathi alchewar.. she has one more name as kalyani her phone no. [deleted] .. her character is very bad She practiced witchcraft on my father (vasicaran) from 2017 to now continuing 2023 .. each rupee ..my father is giving to her maybe having physical or not idk.. but he is not loving us nor mother he is abusing my mom .. even his parents and sisters are supporting him in oppose to my mom and us they are encouraging him .. now all of them are trying to betray us.. so me my sis and my mom contracted that women husband .. he is a police officer in village MAREGAON yavatmal.. Maharashtra...even he is not responding.. even he is encouraging his wife .. his number [deleted].. knowing that we spoked with her husband.. we have proved about my dad is cheating on my mom.. he called all the family members and raised all false statements towards my mother.. he said I don't want to leave with her .. even our place sarpanch was supporting him he said that ..no problem bring that women and keep her in the same house... all the family of my father and sarpanch mingled... sarpanch used to sleep with my father's mother .. so he supports him.. now everyone planned to kick us out of the house .. Today on 25th May 2023 they went to nearby police station and complained about my mom he is saying he won't give even a rupee to us .. sayingus to beg.. please help us.. please. no one is there to help us .. Nearby police station JAINATH phn no.[deleted]