Petitions under section nine

Sir I am working in air force wife was living with me sinse january to august 2015. During this period I have given her my all sallary and all rights of myfamily but she was full with selfishness she does not want to support my family. my fathe is alone at home if I tried to help him she get angry and did not listen anyany august last week we came her home during my leave as we both have our exams.during this period she met with her fathers friend and after that her behaviou is totally changed.she went outside for her exams without any information and did not give any phone call responce. one day I met with her outside exam hall but she directly went to ladies help line and raise comlaints against me that I am a heavy drinker, I beat her and abise her in public place this was totally wrong. I went after summons received from ladies police help line and I told my hole story in the front of ladies wife had not any evidence or witness and this report was dismissed from their after statements from both side that she did not want live with me and want divorce, she cando job and fullfill her requirements and my statement was that I want to continew my family.after that she was living away from me and I have not any information but now she want countenance charges for her life and want divorce.sir I have filled petition under section 9.what can be next legal action from her site if she filled petition for divorce and maintenance charges will the ladies police help office report can help me.plese suggest one thing she tell lie very fairly and egoistic she can talk anything.