In law family beaten badly total 8 men's and 4 women's were involved

On April 30th my in law uncle called me for discussion and all my bro in law, bro in law cousins and uncle spouse and mother in law all were involved They beaten my and tooked a video and harrassed me by removing my t shirt and tried to kill me in a rope i was alone over the after the incident i said them to take me to a police station instead that they tooked me to a mosque and harrassed me then later on my parents came and handled the situation i was alone with my parents and they were around 20members with the help of there localite goons support so i was helpless after the incident i came back tried reaching police station but due to harrassment i couldn't able to go . I have evidence of my spouse & her uncle related to the incident which has happened. I Have all the proofs is there any chances where i can get justice please do help me i still can't forget the harrassment,tourchur, black mail kindly help i need justice and still her uncle is saying openly over the call that he knows wat to do and how to kidnap me near my office. It's a humble request kindly do help me