Wife is getting mentally harrasment by husband and inlaws

1. Before marriage while living in live-in relationship guy cheated his girlfriend and had a relationship with another girl, would-be girl gave many warning as marriage has fixed, boys keep on telling he is not talking to another girl but before engagement day would've wife caught her would be husband with that another girl in hotel bedroom in necked situation. Somehow, girl have to forgive her and they married 2. Before marriage boy promised that he will stop drinking after marriage, but it's been 1 year still he drinks alcohol and denied on face he will not leave alcohol. 3. Husband have bad friends gang who keep asking to come to their home to drink alcohol and he avoid his wife and always run to their friends home and come back home always in night 2, 3, 4 o clock . 4. Whenever husband will have free time always will stick with his phone. Harly give time to his wife 5. Wife many times informed about his responsibility towards his wife, but in reply husband will tell his wife who ask her to marry him. Husband will deny from his marriage commitments. 6. Inlaws will always ask wife to tolerate as he is son he can do anything. Now situation become so worsen that everyone wife have to sout fight for her rights and they keep blaming wife's and ask her to keep quite and ignore. Wife too need husband love, time, and dedication towards relationship. Now as a result wife is having too much stress, is on depression, anxiety etc. Please advice how I should claim for this under mental harrasment and if I can add more subjected to file a divorce case