5 Wings are ready, OC given. 2 Wings not even started. Can we form society?

The building is 10+ years old. 5 wings are ready and 100+ families are staying out of 176 flats. 2 Building approx, 66 are yet to be constructed, not even started) Our main issue is the builder is not forming society, no convenience dead made & Parking is not as per standard size. Due to constructed pilers or slopes, it is impossible to park 3 cars next to each other in the first row which is close to the building wall, with no turning radius. The approved plan and constructed layout don't take the turning radius into consideration. We have also proved by a video recording that nobody can park 3 cars in parallel. Question/advice on : 1 ) After 11 years, 5 wings are ready, shouldn't builder make convenience dead ? 2 ) Can we complain about the approved car parking plan, which is only on paper, practically not possible to park as per layout. Parking is also just a rough cemented floor, again waiting for 2 wings to complete. 3) maintenance should be per unit or area of the apartment? 4) Non-formation of society 5) Keeps giving excuse building is not complete as 2 wings are not constructed. Is there a time limit ? 11 years already passed ?