Want to divorce alcoholic and abusive husband

I am hindu married women since 2015 and have 2 sons age 5 years and 3 years. My husband is alcoholic and abusive. He drinks regularly until his salary is finished, after that either he borrow money or doesn't drink until next salary. He gets into arguement with anyone after drinking and also use abusive languages. Some time he gets into physical fight with anyone publicly due to which he has one case registered. He beats me very badly sometime and scolds kids without any reason. Try to run from responsibility or put on someone either his or my family. His mother is asking me to divorce him and find someone better but she will take care of kids. Few days back his mother send him messages stating that try not to send kids with her. He is toxic person who want us to do what he likes always and doesn't allow is go anywhere. Always try to control me, if not listen to him keeps on saying that I am leaving on his expenses and eating his waste and force me do what he likes or he will torture me mentally and physically.