Married daughters right on fathers property

I am the only daughter of fathers first marriage and after my mothers death, father got 2nd marriage, subsequently having two step brother and step mother still alive. Recently in 2023 my father expired in Feb 2023, thereafter only I came to know that fathers own property and the property he got from my grant father all been transferred in the name of my two step brothers in July 2020 without my knowledge, not even they informed to me, complete a hidden execution. I came to know all this incidents from one my relatives in 2023 after my fathers death. Since step mother only successor of pension as my father was a teacher and pensioners, that's why she got nothing from the this partition. Following discrepancies been noticed in gift deeds as per my opinion the legality to be ascertained: 1) Deed witnessed by step mother and deed writer. 2) Mentioned constructed built up 240 sqft area instead of more than actual built up 3000sqft area. 3) Step brothers profession manipulated. 4) They registered the deed with pan card and they claimed Adhar card didn't provided by UADAI. Therefore in this juncture can we file a suit to cancel the deed? and as per Hindu succession act 2005.