My friend's marriage was solemnized on 25.08.2021, she stayed there one month only after one month she filed a maintenance case And 498A against my friend and his family members , in maintenance case the hon'ble court counseled both the husband and wife, and then the court ordered the wife to go her matrimonial home immediately , she went her matrimonial home and stayed there for two days only she left the matrimonial home without informing her husband or his family members. my friend said same thing to the court ,judge asked the wife why you left you matrimonial home and she answered that her husband is not fit for marital life , then the court asked husband will you go for potency test, my friend accepted then the court send him for potency test, and the report came infavour of my friend that he is normal, my question is can my friend file a civil defamation suit against his wife, can he seek amount as damageof his reputation or file criminal defamation or both civil and criminal defamation can he file , the above said medical report is enough for filing the defamation case.