Filing divorce after 6 months of second marriage

I got married in December 2022. This is my second marriage after the demise of my last one. However, within the month of the marriage, my wife and I haven't gotten along well at all. So, within 6 months of my marriage, I want to file for a divorce, but my wife is not consenting, and she is living with me even though I don't want her to. My questions are as following: 1) Is it required to wait for a minimum of 1 year before filing for the divorce ? 2) Do we need to live under the same roof for that 1 year? 3) I read about 1 year of living separately before mutual consent divorce. Is (#1) referring to the same? 4) Can I file for divorce before 1 year of marriage if it is without mutual consent? 5) I read about the right to residence. Does that mean the wife has the right to stay with the husband or just in husband's home? So, if the husband stays in a hotel, can wife ask to stay with him or the right to stay in his house? The underlying goal is that I want to get divorce as soon as I can and not want to live under the same roof while the process is ongoing. 4) Do we need to live u