498a IPC 3,4 DPA

Sir, I was married in 2015 from the day of marriage my wife started fighting with me to get separated from my parents, it's been 8 years now and have a daughter but she didn't change. She keeps on arguing and abusing me and my parents used to leave to her parents home every time when ever we quarrel with each other. Elders from both sides had a panchayat 2 times and saying that she won't repeat it again and used to send her back. Since 3 months she's staying with her parents and brother. Now her aunt initiated to settle the matter from their side. She has filed "498a IPC 3,4 DPA" at Bhupalpally, telangana mentioning "my name, my Mother's name, my brother's name, my 2 sisters name and my aunt's name". My Brother and 2 sisters and aunt doesn't stay with us and mentioned that demanding more dowry and abusing her. Marriage is performed by us and she only bought 7 thula of gold. My major concerns is 1.With out counselling do police has the right to file FIR? 2.as my mother, my brother, my 2 sisters and aunt aren't staying with us. would it be a problem for them? 3. what would be the further actions from the police station for me, my brother, 2 sisters and aunt. 4. Is there any possibilities of getting direct bail from court.