Am I entitled to anything if my father had registered his will in 2020 to my brother ?

Hi ! Can you please answer and suggest the way forward to the following legal queries. I am a legal heir survived by my mother, elder sister and a younger brother post my fathers demise in Sep 2022. My father made an old will in 2020 that was registered and due to my relations bad with my brother he coaxed my father not to include any inheritance to me. My father realized it in 2023 and had told me and our common CA that he is going to change the will and had in advance given the sealed will copy to my brother & brother inlaw and recalled it from them, which they were aware that there would be a change. But sadly my father got hospitalized due to Covid and passed away in a month. While he was hospitalized in ICU he told me categorically clear that he has told my brother, his son to give me my share of his wealth, plus added that incase he does that though does not thing that situation arises, to speak to his childhood friend and his other CA. I contacted my brother post 6 months of my fathers death for my dues, and since I was moving overseas before my fathers death, he gave me 2 gold sets and my some dollars which I left with him thinking will take it next time Im in India. But my brother has flatly refused of any such stuff and has started blaming and calling me names and says if and when he can he shall give out of his good will since my father said nothing, which is all a lie. 1)My father was a very senior bureaucrat and used to get nearly a lakh of pension. 2) A bungalow in Gurgaon on 350 sq yards plot 3) A piece of land worth crores in Nagpur & Faridabad, this is under HUF 4) Gold assets 5) nearly 5 bank accounts worth lakhs of money 6) Crores of investment in shares, mutual fund & other investments. He has mentioned in the 2020 will about his eye wear, pens and car and Gurgaon house going to my brothers son, and about his fixed deposits going to his eldest daughters son ( no amount mentioned) and pension to my mother. And many other things. But I am excluded saying that he gave me a sizable amount when i was buying my house in India, which is peanuts according to the wealth he has and due to the friction caused by my brother and mother, I was not a part of it. Do i hold any grounds to claim my right in the share and does his verbal wish hold water ? Please advise ?