Right for equal share

I'm 31 years unmarried girl n physically handicapped (met with fire accident ,those scars are still on body)....i have elder brother and sister,who are married.Its been 5 years since my brother is married, for months his new wife spared no food (basic rice curries,curd n even milk r even any snacks) for me,i slept with empty stomach.when i asked about this mistreatment,my father, brother n paternal grandmother they all beated me, pulling my hair, strangling throat . After huge fights n relatives involvement ,she started sparing food for me in my own house.my mother said just adjust for a while, everything will be alright,it happens sometimes just adjust .Since then I stopped talking to my father n brother but still I behaved politely to brother's wife as she is new girl.They don't allow me outside in the name of being girl neither they buy anything for even though my request them for me .I just eat basic home made food (rice curries) but they buy everything for her no matter even it's 11 pm they buy for her .coz of these ill treatment my mom thought I should get married, believing i will be safe .Never in my dreams thought of getting married n neither i was scared but because of these people i thought so .But my father said to grooms who came to marry me ,that he will give less dowry than my sister as grooms are not rich like my brother in law n also,that dowry will given to me after my maternal grandmother passing away but not in marriage time.After questioning about it he abused physically n verbally.Now i don't have any interest in life neither i want to get married.But i just want share from parents equal to my sister's dowry.Cant i get my share?!