What is left for girl's mother in case of runaway marriage.

Sir, A police protection granted by honorable high court to runaway couple who married followed by police protection. During these three day, boy's parent never interested to sort out the matter socially even so many requests made by girl's parent through various channels. Kindly note that girl is against the parent. Even the couple came back after taking protection, we accepted the marriage and arrange a small function to accept their marriage (Girls parent was agreed earlier to accept the marriage to avoid social humilation). Further, basis of police protection the couple are threatening girl's parent and not ready to meet them and asking for girl's goods. It has been more than 38 days for marriage but there is no sign of compromise for further good relationship by couple or boy's parent. In this regard, my question is this after taking care of girl for 23 years of age, one day a person came and settled down with girl and decided to flee from home and performed a marriage and take police protection for liberty or life (even there is no hint given by girl to the parent regarding this decision, who are not conservative to refuse the marriage), what is the option for girl's mother to heal her life's biggest pain given by the couple doing marriage without informing and further followed by neglecting their love and affection after marriage. Any solution/remedies in law for emotionely hurted mother????