Security deposit return

Hi, I am landlord and I gave a written notice to my tenant on 17/04/23 to vacate the house for repairing purpose or other, My tenant is a female having 18 years old son, she is saying that she is not staying with her husband but didn't take divorce too. I don't want to interfere in their personal matters. I gave house by thinking she is single mother and needy. As I gave notice to vacate, they asked to extend for certain period orally. We accepted that and asked them to clear that how long they will take time to vacate. Then she didn't give any clearance and we ourselves told her to vacate by 25th of may maximum. She agreed and started searching houses. As soon as she got, she immediately moved on the date of 07/05/23, where I called her a day before she didn't gave clear cut idea and still asking extension as well as reason for vacating house. When she vacated house, she called us while transferring her luggage that she is moving currently and require her deposit soon. I said her that pending electric bill(1500 rates.) , gas bill, one month rent pending(6000 rs.),gate pass charges 1000 rs. etc will be deducted and then only will return remaining amount. Her total security deposit is 20000 rs. The problem is she vacated earlier when we gave her one month period, When I asked her to deduct 7 days rent of may month, she said that how cruel we are, we are not kind and so many stories. She was not allowing me to talk with her over phone and giving lot of stories without explaining ourselves. Still electricity bill pending to generate for the may month, she is having major appliances like AC, fridge, washing machine etc. Yesterday she called on my whatsapp number and her son was talking very irrespectfully to me and my husband. We are not denying to return as we said we will transfer remaining balance on the date of 17/05/23, But she is denying to deduct the charges approximately for upcoming electricity bill. Then we said her clearly we will not return until next electricity bill will be generated. The house is still vacate and nobody uses after they left. They said we have to return and they will pay electricity amount once bill will be generated. Last bill of 1500 also I paid myself when they didn't pay for themselves. We can't have trust over them, since they are not having manners to talk and behave. She is always pretending helpless and crying for small small things. Many times they ignored me when I asked monthly rent, they delayed to pay and tried to miss some amount in between. Please guide me what can be done in this case. I really don't want to take her Money, but how can I leave electricity bill and other charges. House is horrible when we inspected. But we didn't tell her that why she used like this. We are really confused. Please guide