My wife doesn't take care of the family, doesn't cook food, no emotional support, doesn't take care of the kid (10 yes) my daughter has grown assuming that's the norms, she's very scared to voice out anything, even if hungry. And of course, no physical intimacy since 10+ years (she just gives lane reasons to push It forward, and I stopped asking about it eventually). This had caused me confident less, demoralizing, losing hope and loving worth no zeal to live the life. It was extremely difficult for me to survive while picking up quarrels for petty reasons became very common, and she always threatened that she'll divorce, and also took a promise that I should sign the papers if she files the papers (in 2017). This March, I decided to part and asked her consent, for which there was a NO with dramatic explanation that everything was done in anger, and she went ahead informed my parents, my kid, and everybody regarding this. My daughter denied coming with me when asked (fear obviously) And, I was shattered with that answer, and finally, I decided to stay back for the kid. Now, I m not able to be even like normal... What do I do??