Cheating and conspiracy, Domestic violence, dowry and mental torture

My daughter married 2 years back and suffering from domestic violence, dowry harassment, mental torture. Initially before marriage they showed us 14 acres of stating that their 3 sons share it is and site visit also shown to me my brother and my uncle. later after marriage saying that the property belongs to the elder brother only not any share of my son in law. My son in law was not going to job till 8 months of his marriage when ever inquiring he roughly says he dont like asking for his job. My daughters mother in law daily abuses her in front of all their family members and also abusing her parents. And asking for Gold gifts for every occation and also saying that whether i am having any share in my brothers property. i already given a bullet 350 cc bike in dowry and also all gold jewellery to my daughter and all other house hold things. her mother in law also told before marriage that if at all she wants to do her further studies she will send her to higher studies. she also saying that after marriage i should forget my daughter even though she burns her alive. and also she is doing some superstitious magic works staying alone at room for hours and asking to drink some contamination water to my daughter. while my daughter was pregnant her mother in law said that she needs boy child only not girl. later after my daughter gave birth to a baby boy only and after seeing the baby saying the baby is very dark in colour and some patches in his face. she also says that her maid was working without any trouble after scissoring in 11 days only and asking my daughter to work without taking any rest in 11 days only and saying when ever she sleeps for her health issues that my daughter is acting. now after my daughter visited my house for delivery, i refused to send to her house saying unless my son in law provides her separate accomodation i will not send her. with great difficulties and said that he has no money, i know very well that he has money he said no money and later sold all my daughters jewellery and bought a house lease of 6 lakhs. after getting separated also his mother interfere in all her matters and calls every 1 hour and gives instructions to his son. my daughter stopped visiting in her laws house. now my son in law visiting his mothers house daily morning while going to job and returning from work and also whenever it is a holiday he will go his mothers house and stays for hours. Daily whenever he goes in morning he will be ok and after returning he will fight with his wife. The current situation is that my daughter is at my house as his mother saying that we was planning to marry her to his younger brother and now married to him. His mother is interfering in all her matters. whenever she wants to go out with her husband she interfere a lot.