A document about partition of property to be proved as will

Ramanna and Ramakka were happily married couple residing in Ramanagara district along with their two daughters (aged major) and three sons (minors). Ramanna was working in Indian defence and one day Ramakka got information from the defence authority information the sacrifice of life for the nation by Ramanna. Few months later,Ramakka received 50 Lakhs as compensation from the government in the year 2000. After receiving money, Ramakka spent Rs. 20 lakhs for marriage ceremony of both the daughters and out of the remaining amount she purchased 4 sites in Ramanagara district in 2005 and registered the same in her name. Subsequently, during 2022, all three sons (aged major) demanded Ramakka to transfer three sites in their name but as the registration fee was more, they decided to partition the property. Before going for a partition, Ramakka called her daughters and informed about the same for their consent and she also expressed her wish to gift her share of property to her two daughters. On mutual terms and conditions, Ramakka and her children agreed 3 sites will be given to her three sons (one each) and 1 site will be transferred in the name of her daughters jointly as Stridhana by way of gift deed and same was reduced into written form and was signed only by Ramakka. Before she could execute this, Ramakka died due to cardiac arrest.After the death of Ramakka, two daughters demanded the ownership and possession of 1 site property as mutually agreed by Ramakka and her sons. But the sons refused to give the share of the daughters saying that site property was purchased by Ramakka from the compensation amount (Rs. 50 lakhs) and the Rs. 20 lakh from the same compensation amount was spent on their marriage. Hence, they are not entitled for the share. Daughters filed a case against all the three sons claiming their share in the above said site property of the deceased Ramakka on the basis that the written document signed by the deceased shall be considered as a will and accordingly partition of the site property shall be effected. Here main issues are 1. Whether the document signed by deceased Ramakka relating to the disputed property can be considered as a will?