Reliance landline bill non payment

Dear Sir, We took a wireless landline connection in the middle of 2013. The line never worked since the day one. We were not able to activate the connection for several days and we visited reliance outlet where we bought and they never got it rectified and we did not make any single call from the number. But to our surprise from the month end we started getting calls to pay for the rent. We explained several times about the non activation, but the bill kept on increasing, and at the 4th month we received a advocate notice to pay or to contact the concerned person. We contacted the concered dept. over phone and explained the issue saying that the number did not work at all and it is not at all activated and we are continuing to receive calls for payment and the notice. The person accepted the asked us to mail the details to an email id. We mailed and informed the person to go through it. He also said ok we will take care you dont worry. There after there was no calls for payment. Hence I thought the issue is resolved. But to our surprise after 2 years some one called up from Delhi consumer court and said you are filed a case for non payment of reliance bill for Rs, 1400. Has been thretening for the past 4, 5 months now and then. How to go about this, please guide me through. I swear upon God the number since the day one was not activated and i have not used it. Then why should I pay the amount just because I had applied for a connection. Please guide me and help me out regarding this. I am helpless. Regards. Pity customer.