BMC Notice u/s 354 of MMC act to pull down the building

BMC has issued notice u/s 354 of MMC act to pull down the building under reference as the said building is in very dangerious / dilapidated condition, Notice No : ACGN/BF-II/354/172/2014-15 Dated 16/08/2014 After all this notices and so many complaint in BMC G north, till today no action has been taken except sending notices. This building is more than 30 years old. with the help of RTI act, it appears that presently this building is unathorisedly occupied without obtaining Occupation certificate as well as Building Completion Certificate and work is carried out beyond the approved plans. BMC also issued A WARRANT OF ATTACHMENT for not paying a tax around one crore. We are staying very close to this building. it is very dangerous not only for us but also for the people staying in the building, (some time they are doing illegal repairs to their structure and that also causes various accidents). We have given many written complaints and telephonic complaint to BMC, but they are not taking any practical action and the people staying in this building not giving any importance to the notices given by BMC. For this please guid us how to go in court regarding this.