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Respected Sir.. The brief... 1- We got married in year 2012 and . It was second marriage of me and my wife. I have 2 Sons aged 9 and 5 living with her. I m Govt Officer and my wife is house wife. 2- In my Absence my wife did a great Harrasment And fighting with my mother on 26/04/2021 and left my home with my two kids. My mother filed a complaint on 29/04/2021 at SP Office . it is under process in court of my district under 156(3). 3- After such a regular great tolerance of toxic behaviour of my wife and my in laws I filed Divorce Case on 07/07/2021 on Cruelty Grounds. It's Stayed and pending by High court due to Transfer of the case to her City. 4- My wife Filed 498-A 406 on 02/2022 against me and my mother and sister..which is after 10 years of my marriage and after 10 months of filing of divorce case by me. it's under trial of her city ACJM Court.. next date is 14/06/23 at PE Stage 5- I filed Children custody Case in 07/2022 and She has filed Reply. The Dowry demand and other false and baseless facts are mentioned in the Reply. Court has granted me Custody Of both Sons only for every Sunday from 12 to 5PM. In this order my wife is agreed for 12 to 5 pm . But after only one Sunday she denied to gv me kids. She taught to kids to say NO to me.. that's why Kids are SAYING NO TO ME.. 6-She has filed maintenance case under 125 crpc for her And my two Kids. She has also Filed DV case against me and my Sister and Mother. All these cases have been filed by her after filing my Divorce Case and Granting of Custody Of both Sons only for every Sunday from 12 to 5PM. Sir I want to knw that -- 1 - As per above stage and scenario Will I get Divorce from my wife. Coz my wife alwsy says to Judge that she want to live with me..But have filed 498A 406..DV and Crpc 125 also. 2- She NVR allowed my sons to talk with me over phone. How can I get Custody of my lovely Sons aged 9 and 5. She have filed 498A 406..DV and Crpc 125 also. 3- Chargesheet was filed in 498A and 406 Case against me only. Which is under trail at PE Stage - Can I go for Crpc 482 for quashing FIR at this stage..and the facts given above.. 4- Can me or my old age Mother or sister file any case against my wife or her parents. 5- As I found secretly that she is working as "Kaam Wali Bai" in some houses nearby her parents house and working in any beauty parlour also. I knw the houses where she is working but can't do anything coz I don't HV any evidence about inside. Plz suggest me can I get sudden verify by police in those houses Plz suggest me how can I get Custody of my children and divorce.. plz suggest me. What will be in case of DV ALSO Regards thx 🙏