Harassments and Nusiance from neighbor

My neighbor 45yrs staying on the left side of my bungalow is harassing my family which consists of (my wife 54yrs and lone daughter 23yrs unmarried). I'm a defense personnel due to which I have transfer so I am not staying with them. My neighbor is always creating nuisance in different ways. His bungalow is 3 feet higher than our house. So he can easily stare and disturb us. Few years ago he used to dispose of his house waste on our property (waste pit) intentionally. I stopped it and it made him furious. Out of anger he and his friends/cousins stand near our compound wall loudly speaking and smoking on most weekends. Peeping our bathroom window. Due to his disturbance we have constructed a sheet compound wall to control his direct disturbance. After constructing the wall he and his wife started damaging the sheet by filling different solid waste in the gap near to our wall and throwing waste water on our sheet. After that he constructed a waste drainage pit and pipe connecting the outlet purposely to our waste pit which contains expensive waste management products (like incinerator and bio compost maker).Dirty soap water from his kitchen sink, washing machine and dining room drains to our property(i.e. waste pit) which was very clean earlier. Dirty water always flows into my pit seeping through the wall and damaging the wall and my expensive waste management products. It is difficult to step out in the rear passage. Dirty used water is acting as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Continuous foul smell is making our living miserable. It is an act of public nuisance from their side. We informed him directly and through the panchayat but still he is not listening and continuously flowing waste water to disturb us out of jealousy.