My ex fiancee is harassing me

Hello everyone I am a 26 year old woman from Mumbai, I was engaged to this person a couple of months back and our wedding was scheduled for this november. But after understanding the kind of person he really is, that is his character and behavior (this guy used to abuse and humiliate me and my family a lot) so finally we decided to call it off. We had a discussion with his family and called the entire thing off. But now he has started harassing me by showing up at my office and humiliating me in front of colleagues by hurling abuses and he also does this at whatever public places he finds me. He keeps on sending abusive texts about my character and is also threatening to disclose intimate secrets about our relationship that we had when we were engaged to my family. I thought of complaining to the police but i don't want my family to unnecessarily get embroiled in this again especially since there are a lot of problems at home as well that we are trying to resolve. I want to know if there is anyway i can take some legal action or other step against this person without my family getting involved or hurt. Please suggest anything that I can do to stop this person from destroying my life.