Foreign nationals impressed the Sub registrar as they are Indian citizens by I fluency him

A switzerland National transfered one plot property in India, Shirdi, Maharastra by impressing the Registrar that she was an Citizen by mentioning India, Shirdi address in the transfer deed document without submitting PAN Card, Aadhar Card or any State or Central govt. Permissions. She no where mentioned in the document she was a SWISS NATIONAL. But ID proof she submitted her passport copy. But in that passport her name is' YVONNE SYBILLE WEIER. But in document her name' YVONNE WEIER. To prove she was an Indian she has not submitted any proofs. In document she not yet all mentioned her father or mother Name. The main two frauds are 1. She was a Swiss National, she simply mentioned India address without Address proof. 2. Her name as per passport differ from document, still 2017, 2019 two documents Sub registrar of Rahata, Ahmednagar dist, maharastra done registration. How to complaint about this registration to the Registration department. to how? I had all evidences documents copies. I am the neighbour of that plot. I gave complaints with proofs to the Sub registrar, he is not responding to bring the facts to protect his earlier officer who registered in 2017 and 2019. Please guide me.