Regarding case registration at Amritsar

I wish to know that opposite side tried to implicate myself in a false 452,324 IPC. Police didn't registered the same at PS. Though he undergone MLR. Police station entered in DDR but not registered FIR. Opposite side approached Court u/s 156(3), the same was dismissed. The magistrate written in his order that there is not sufficient evidence to link the accused with the offences, moreover there is no other independent witness except complainant. The opposite party filed revision against said order of 156(3) Since I moved to Delhi in 2013. The incident is of Dec 2010 as per complaint of opposite party. The resident state has been changed, I came to know about the SJ court summons in 2015. The revision is now 3 yrs old in SJ Court. From past 34 months the summons were served on incorrect addresses. In between opposite party has filed order 5 rule 5 cpc for change of address of accused, which was allowed & accepted by the Court. If I appear there are chances that more false cases will be filed against me by opposite party. I wish to know what I must have to do now? Shall I wait for ordering of FIR? Thereafter quash in HC Punjab u/a 226 r/w 482 crpc. Or Bribe the police for closing the case in final report? Or Seek an anticipatory bail after ordering for FIR? What will be the chances of success of opposite party & in above situation of mine? Police io has to travel to other state. As per sc judgment io may not arrest becoz of 7 yrs less imprisonment in offences. Will this apply on offences of 2010, means if committed or procedures only from today. I came to know in 2015 that opposite party perusing the matter from 2010, which was orally sorted at PS in 2010.