Dear Lawyer Sir, I got married on 22nd of April 2015 and soon after my wife and her family started demanding to introduce her name in the Property, which is on my mothers Name (earned by her Own), when i denied for the same she started threatening that she will commit suicide and put all my family members behind the bars. My family consist of My mother, sister and Brother in law and their two kids (both below ten years old). so i have given a written application in the Police Station, saying the same. My mother in Law was also threatening to get be bashed by gundas so i have also written these three matters in my complaint. (1. Property, 2. Suicide, 3. bashed by gundas) now my sister in law comes in the Pitcher she works in I.G.'s Office in police Department. He was there in my wedding guests and also spend a lot of time in my wedding ceremony, this matter has gone to his office and he intervened and counseled both the families and asked to live separate with my sisters' family and mother... for a span of two Months and then we will see further. meanwhile i took a rented house and started living with her in a separate House, things was going ok ok types, she was not eating food all day for many days continuously and i was also not eating because she was missing her meal, finally one day i have written an application saying things are almost normal currently and i am not looking for any action currently. (this happen when CSP called both of us for Counselling session. soon after my letter she started behaving badly with me and she started using bad words for my mother and for me. then today on 22 of Oct 2015 i could not control my anger and i pulled her to the police station and asked to put me behind the bars but please save me from her. i am not able to understand what to do now. she is pragnent and also trying to kill my baby. earlier i was not sure weather i should live with her or lr=eave her and move a head, but now i am sure that i want to leave her and move a head.. please help ahd suggest what can i do . Thanking U all