My daughter got married december 2013 she is working in one of the PUS of govt. of india but her inlaws were started her harassing on various matter like demanding a car or other stuff,her full salary from the day that she joind her service and on so many other things. Every day her husband teasing him beat him finally we bring her at home. But after two months they came with some couple of person and try to beat me. at that time they demanded that they dont want that she continue her job they want that she have to leave her job and settle down in there village.but we denied there demand and didnt send my daughter with them.after this the boy started sending emails in her office and bother her anyway. we try to patch up this matter several time by contacting boys relatives but nothing was working finally we stop contacting them to take some break from all this. now from last 8 months my daughter is with me. but couple of week ago i try to contact them even still the boy say that very soon he is going to marry and abuse me. plz suggest me what would i do for people like this may i go to police station of any other way is it? really they are so much greedy and rouge kind of person that my daughter feeling so much fear even i talk anything about those people. kindly suggest me the way. for this i will be very great full to you. hope you understand the feelings of an old man.