What is solution to get back my husband?????

Hello i got married in june 2014 after 5 months due to doctors negligence i got surgical abortion which made me to mental depression meanwhile my in laws are harassing mentally in all aspects and my husband left me at my home from december 2014 to upto now. meanwhile im in one week in my laws home abd by their mental torture i came to my parents home thinking to went back after my husband arrival. they told him about me very badly by belevng them he resigned job there and blamed me in front of 45 members he called them to prove im bad but he failed to prove. and im asking him to come once and we talk personally and solve issues and im ready to accept all his conditions but they are harassing me by vulgar messages and they will take me i only i will leave my parents and my parents have no right to call me after im married. now also im sufering physically mentally and he didnt even sending money also. what can i do to get him back i trust him but false words changed his mind.what is solution for my problems???