Want to marry without divorce

Hi sir, One of my friend want to re-marry with another guy.because she was not comfertable with his husband, both of them thoughts are not mached and her husband's mother is brutally treated her and she know some kind of jadu tona .for this she is not stay healthy and well she always feel unhealthy and ill..she want to separate with him but her father (girl father) always come in between and take the side of the guy and he blame to her daughter. because he is in police department(girl's father). Two times she call him ( husband and his family )in police station for sattlement , but her father as always come in between and blame her for all things done .her father always talks from her husband side .she want to file divorce but she is alone .and nobody come in front to help her .thats why she is always in dipression. She lives in his father house from last 1 and the half year .and she's having one baby for near by 2 yrs.i want to tell you that she is not ready for do baby but forcelly she gets harrested and his husband done this . She told all this things to her father but he is not ready to litsen any thing and abuse her in everywhere .what she have to do please suggest.