Company not paying my salary

Respected sir/mam This is farzan ansari and i had worked for an international bpo for more than 45 days in which i had completed my training and as per the company policy i had given two sale which they required for first salary. After given sale i fell sick and not gone to office for 5 days and i had also inform to my teamleader for the same and after that when i went to join they did not allow me to login and asked me for my medical certificate i given my medical to them they said ok we will call you and said me to leave for the day. A week past when i went to asked them they said we cant take u now because your teamleader marked u as abscond. I said ok then give me my salary then i will leave . They said we will call u. So after few days when i went to ask they said we cant release your salary because u were marked absconded. And now they are not paying me my salary.. Plz help me with this ... I gone to police station but they said me to go to labour court.. I dont have my offer letter but i have my identity card and all the training papers. So help me how can i lodge the complain. My email address is [deleted]