Domestic voilence

Hi.. my cousin has been torchered she got married recently few months ago she has been asked to get cash from us. and when parents went to meet her she is been sent back after a fight. the husband use to call her but wenever she use to ask pls take me he use to say i vl think on it.. he never use to reply or he use to change the topic and my cousin has been also told to break all relationship with famly and on second day when his parents came to home they had told us that her sister cant visit her inlaws place, her parents were abused wen they went twice at their meet their daughter finally she is at her mothers home now because her husband dosent takes her back but do a timepass call always. now he is put up conjugal rights case.. where he says that she might claim 498 dowry act and she wants to seperate and as a nominal wages husband he cant afford a separete house, she is been threatnd by her bro in law to give divorce or else he will show her properly when she meets him outside. please suggest should we send her back to that house where she is being torchered